Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Favorite Artist

1 - Wiz Khalifa
2 - Lil Wayne
3 - Rick Ross
4 - Roscoe Dash
5 - Wale
6 - Meek Mill
7 - Travis Porter
8 - Big Sean
9 - Wacka Flocka
10 - Birdman

My Favorite Artist

My Starting Lineup If Coach Of Nationals

P - Livan Hernandez
C - Ivan Rodrigeuz
1B - Michael Morse
2B - Danny Esponisa
SS - Ian Desmond
3B - Ryan Zimmerman
CF - Roger Bernadina
LF - Rick Ankiel
RF - Jayson Werth

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nationals Second Half

As the Washington Nationals start the second half of their regular season they hope to keep that same type of winning they did in the first half with Michael Morse as the power first base guy in the "clean up spot", Danny Esponisa as the rookie second baseman that will continue to learn but still will produce for his team. With Ryan Zimmerman off of the DL the Nationals will also tend to lean on him more for clutch spots throughout the rest of the season if its the regular season or the post season. Fan were very disappointed in Jayson Werth's peformence in the first half, thinking he isn't worth is big deal contract, fans and himself know that their is room for improvement. The Nationals will hope to continue to produce with their starters Livan Hernandez, Jordan Zimmerman, John Lannan, Tom Gorzelanny, and Jason Marquis. The bullpen was lights out the first half I am positive they will want to continue that and also improve at the same time including Tyler Clippard, Todd Coffey, Drew Storen, and Henry Rodriguez. With Ivan Rodriguez on the DL Jesus Flores has been called back up and Wilson Ramos will be in control. Once Pudge is called back up the Nationals will decide what would be the proper place to put Flores at. The catcher rotation that Davey Johnson has placed is Wilson Ramos 2 days, and Rodriguez 1. The Nationals top prospects Bryce Harper, and Stephan Strasburg were not apart of the 2011 first half Washington Nationals, while Stephan Strasburg continues rehab in Florida, and Bryce Harper continues to improve his skills in (AA) Harrisburg the Nationals will also continue to become a better team step by step